Los Estados Unidos de Mexico. Six weeks Riviera Nayarit. Surf Paradise. Compared to the Bahia de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, this part of the Pacific Ocean has the best and strongest surf. Prior to arranging this vacation, I had researched the most necessary facilities in that area.

But, reality is always different.


These are 3-tiered: Pharmacies, medical doctors/dentists, and the Salud Medical, local walk-in 24hr medical clinic, intended for Mexican families.

As precaution I had taken out an emergency travel insurance. Which turned out to be useless in the end. The one time I needed medical services, I could not find any. Supposedly there are several doctors in Sayulita. Turned out, they are either practising in the next village San Pancho, or they are affiliated with a pharmacy and are not available when needed. Prescription drugs are sold over the counter – when available. For any Canadian travel insurance receipts are needed with a doctor’s stamp/signature, to be valid. The lady at the pharmacy who sold me a prescription drug attempted to put here own signature (falsified doctor’s signature) on the receipt. Of course, that won’t do. My next trip will not be to a tiny pueblo without any public phone, ambulatory or medical services. My advice: take all your most important prescription drugs with you.


There are plenty of local buses. Most are older models and their shocks are pretty much shot being the poor condition of the roads. Also, it helps to know where to get on and off, because

drivers – as friendly as they may be – are not always helpful. Know your Spanish, ask. Sometimes, you are OK, sometimes not. I travelled a lot using the local bus system, it is cheap

compared to taxi – eg. Taxi Sayulita to Pto. Vallarta Aeropuerto is $50, bus is $2.50.

Pointless to negotiate with the cab drivers, as they pay their money for a ride to some third party most likely. Nearest post offices are Buceria (45 minutes bus), possibly San Pancho – in the direction of Tepic, the provincial capital of Nayarit.


Has grown tremendously, last time we visited had been 1983. From Sayulita you can take the

bus to the Marina, then from there the CITY bus, cheap. Takes you anywhere.


I had rented a casita in a big beautiful casa with a deep swimming pool. Fantastic for cooling down. Temperature had been around 30, but felt hotter because of the high humidity.

No real roads, you have to carry your groceries uphill. Nearer the town, overnight rates are higher. Wonderful inexpensive fruits and produce. Look around and find the vendors with the good prices. There is a wide variety.


Lots of Surfing – is the way to go. Never seen so many dogs, but that’s typical. 

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