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Travel Mexico

I always enjoy to travel to Mexico especially over the winter season and stay at least a couple of months or more. What’s the reason ? the main reason for me is that the Mexicans are very friendly and pleasant people. Despite all the stories about unsafe neighbourhoods, scams, being attacked even, I must say NEVER have I encountered any of this. The other reason for me is, that Mexico as a vacation destination is “doable” in a financial sense. When I rent I always rent a suite with kitchen so I can buy my own food and cook for myself. It does not cost much at all ! Although most rental locations are owned by Americans and therefore pricey, especially if booked via Internet. Needs some fancy gymnastics/looking around to find a decently priced temporary housing.
Comparably, when spending several months in Europe where I also rent a furnished apartment, I can also buy groceries for much less than what it costs me here in Victoria, BC, Canada. Because I know the country when growing up there and know where to go to buy food. I would say, I can live in Berlin (a big city) for around Euro 100 a month (groceries). Here in Canada I spend around $400 for food.
Mexico much less and what an abundance of frutas (fruit) and so cheap. I eat a lot of fruit. Therefore this is my kind of country. Just found this link about all sorts of aspects of a stay in Mexico [ ].
[NOTE. The other thing ? Mexicans are good ‘footballers’ – FIFA 2014 Brazil.]


During the many years living in Alberta’s wilderness outside of the big cities of Calgary and Edmonton, along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains NW of Calgary, I have encountered situations which to most city dwellers may seem frightening.
(This post continued from my last post – on Encounters with Grizzly Bears [ ]).

With our horses we went from Alberta in the Foothills West of Calgary across the mountains towards Jack Lake. [ ].
It was a long hike across steep terrain. Near the Two Jack Lake campgrounds, there were also sites specifically set up for horses and riders to overnight in big green armee tents. Upon arrival, I noticed that the entire site had been enclosed with high razor wire. Which during the night was electrified. We stayed three nights in those tents.
At that time nothing particular happened, but the ever present danger of Grizzly Bears in the vicinity could not be overlooked. That was mainly what this fencing was about.
From there after three days back to home – the horses in trailers. My little Q.Horse gelding was one to not load easily. Three guys were needed to coax him into the trailer. Poor thing !
(NOTE. Did not take a camera at that time – but offer a video of another trail ride NW towards Banff, organized by my friends of the Bar C Ranch, then good old Lester B., owner. Bar C today became a big resort [ ] )

Grizzlies are scary in a sense, because they are unpredictable and large enough to take
down a cow. Which they often do. But more caution should be given to the big cats, like the cougar. On my 80-acre ranch NW of Calgary in the Foothills, I did have – apart from my resident moose cow – the occasional cougar. Hiding in those enormous wood piles left behind by the loggers. (Next post – the logging operations). Meanwhile news of a “cougar shooting” right here in our neck of the woods: [ ]

[ ]

Couple of days ago (June 2014), near a popular walk/bike trail west of Victoria, BC. Knowing cougars, quite obviously when the big cat went towards the woman (who reported she was chased) the woman started running, triggering the natural instinct of a big cat and run after her. Was that really necessary to shoot the animal ?
According to today’s interview with Wildlife authorities, to tranquilize a wild animal and ship it back into wild and less populated areas is too stressful.
I know this area very well and I cycle a lot on that trail alone, and I always watch up and above along the rocks lining this section of trail – cats like to hang out high on rocks. Never had the opportunity to spot a cougar. On Vancouver Island encounters are although rare but happen time and again.
I am against the practice of killing a wild animal like the cougar, especially in our areas where there are cougars all around us and try to survive in the close vicinity of too highly populated areas like Langford, Western Communities.
(See also my post on cougars Vancouver Island: [ ])