I always enjoy to travel to Mexico especially over the winter season and stay at least a couple of months or more. What’s the reason ? the main reason for me is that the Mexicans are very friendly and pleasant people. Despite all the stories about unsafe neighbourhoods, scams, being attacked even, I must say NEVER have I encountered any of this. The other reason for me is, that Mexico as a vacation destination is “doable” in a financial sense. When I rent I always rent a suite with kitchen so I can buy my own food and cook for myself. It does not cost much at all ! Although most rental locations are owned by Americans and therefore pricey, especially if booked via Internet. Needs some fancy gymnastics/looking around to find a decently priced temporary housing.
Comparably, when spending several months in Europe where I also rent a furnished apartment, I can also buy groceries for much less than what it costs me here in Victoria, BC, Canada. Because I know the country when growing up there and know where to go to buy food. I would say, I can live in Berlin (a big city) for around Euro 100 a month (groceries). Here in Canada I spend around $400 for food.
Mexico much less and what an abundance of frutas (fruit) and so cheap. I eat a lot of fruit. Therefore this is my kind of country. Just found this link about all sorts of aspects of a stay in Mexico [ http://www.mexperience.com/guide/essentials/mexico-safety.php ].
[NOTE. The other thing ? Mexicans are good ‘footballers’ – FIFA 2014 Brazil.]