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Vacation Rentals

Trying to find vacation rentals anywhere for one person ? impossible if going over the Internet. My son who lives in Europe cannot find me anything, although he should know people living there actually. I must always try myself, from Canada, over the Internet. Ever attempted to find one single little studio situation for one person to rent for let’s say (extended stay) three months ? Tough luck, I say. Going thru Google, the normal list of links includes millions of vacation rentals for people sharing: Four, six, one dozen or more. Nutcase situation: that people who like to return to their home countries in Europe actually are being forced to share some rentals with total strangers. Just so, that the owners (or in most cases the large Internet companies representing some owners) can ask exorbitant rental fees. There are likewise lots of companies specializing in the rental business, and nothing else. So, you can go thru lists and or pages of Internet data trying to find: Studio for one person (or if nothing else, for max. two). One single room, small kitchen. What’s so difficult about that ! Of course, if I were in Europe, I would call around, get on the phone, look at classifieds in local newspapers. Impossible for some people to think about that. Must always be the NET. “Forget about it”! Web-based businesses ask more money. For the past few years I found some good stuff over the Internet, though: Rental w/small kitchen for $500 a month. Or for Euro500 a month. Sounds OK to me. But this is rare. However, lots of hours spent getting frustrating about “sleeps 12” or some derogatory remark about “single” people. Yet, incredible how many people travel solo nowadays. Trying against all odds to fight against a stereotype system of travelling (double occupancy) or vacation rentals.

[NOTE. Today found an excellent website, secured, on “vacation rentals Barcelona, Spain”. Prices in Can.$; homes – either by room, apartment, shared, or entire house – rented by mostly private owners. Price ranges are doable.]

Travel Mexico

I always enjoy to travel to Mexico especially over the winter season and stay at least a couple of months or more. What’s the reason ? the main reason for me is that the Mexicans are very friendly and pleasant people. Despite all the stories about unsafe neighbourhoods, scams, being attacked even, I must say NEVER have I encountered any of this. The other reason for me is, that Mexico as a vacation destination is “doable” in a financial sense. When I rent I always rent a suite with kitchen so I can buy my own food and cook for myself. It does not cost much at all ! Although most rental locations are owned by Americans and therefore pricey, especially if booked via Internet. Needs some fancy gymnastics/looking around to find a decently priced temporary housing.
Comparably, when spending several months in Europe where I also rent a furnished apartment, I can also buy groceries for much less than what it costs me here in Victoria, BC, Canada. Because I know the country when growing up there and know where to go to buy food. I would say, I can live in Berlin (a big city) for around Euro 100 a month (groceries). Here in Canada I spend around $400 for food.
Mexico much less and what an abundance of frutas (fruit) and so cheap. I eat a lot of fruit. Therefore this is my kind of country. Just found this link about all sorts of aspects of a stay in Mexico [ http://www.mexperience.com/guide/essentials/mexico-safety.php ].
[NOTE. The other thing ? Mexicans are good ‘footballers’ – FIFA 2014 Brazil.]