BYCICLING or Cycling – one of the most rewarding activities and exercises. Once the bitter cold slowly gives way to (rather late spring), we see more bicycles on the road. Today was my first cycling trip for this year 2022 since last Fall. Until then, my bike only sits still in my office.

We had one of the coldest winters last winter on record. It still is cold. But with layers of warm clothing, it works. Meanwhile our City had built and installed many cycling lanes, roads still shared with cars, but priority for bikers.

Since last year I have been getting stiffer with arthritis problems also in both hands. I was afraid that my 21-speed would give me problems for operating the gears with my fingers. It damn well hurt. However, as usual, cycling makes you always feel good. Especially after you come home. Here in Victoria, Vancouver Island, we have lots of steep uphill climbs, because this entire island is of volcanic rock. That was tough. The first hill did not get up all the way, thought I get a heart attack.

But I know, it always gets better with regular practice. And it really makes you feel good.