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Bicycle Theft

Cycling season Victoria and regional area has started. And so have the occasional – if you don’t watch out – theft activities of bicycles and cycling accessories. I always have two lock chains (cable) for the front parts of my bicycle and for the rear part, locking up the wheels with the saddle and helmet, and the front with the frame and to a fixed post.
The other day while taking a short break from a trip home and re-organising myself, I must have dropped one of my cable lock chains, could not find it anywhere.
Actually went back that quite long trip next day hoping someone found it and left it on that bench. Not so. Hilarious, because the (3) keys for that lock are right here in my home. Question is: how useful is a bike chain without the keys ? Talked to my bike shop, asking if it is possible to actually break a lock with some hair pin or other little tool to steal a bike which is locked up. They told me, never heard of that, as each lock is calibrated to operate with a unique key. Whoever took my cable lock chain, come on over and pick up the keys. I bought a new lock chain next day.


How Canada’s war veterans of world war 2 perceive themselves in Holland. According to them: “The Dutch people remember us and are grateful for what we have done for them.”
Myself I worked, lived and had a family in Holland for many years, also re-visited The Netherlands many times. Never noticed – even in recent years – that anybody in Holland even cares about Canada in that sense, as the Canadian 90-year old veterans see themselves.
Little anecdote, several years ago, published in our news papers: Canadian war veterans – decked out in medals, berets and full wartime regalia – travelling to Holland again for some reunions. Using the train. The conductor in that Dutch train asking for the tickets. Apparently the old guys had not paid enough fare. The Conductor requested them to pay up. One of the old timers complaining, mentioning what they were up to, (and should the Dutch not let them travel for free? in the back of his mind). NO, said the train conductor, “you pay what everyone else pays”.
Big outcry here in Canada about this incident. How dare they ??