Couple years ago I visited my son in the South East of the United States, traveling by air from Calgary, Alberta Canada. At that time, he worked for a while in Atlanta, Georgia, away from Alabama where he was before. I took little Niki, a black and white cat, with me in a carrying sort of cat taxi. Made sure to also take his litter box with him in the bottom of the cat cage, some old rugs on top for comfort, and a small bowl with water. Advice is to always use a plastic carrier, not cardboard in case it gets soaked. Prior to leaving the house I had given Niki a relaxation pill (from the Vet) to make the flight less stressful. I am not sure where they put the pets on the flights, but assuming that it is a cold area. I was so sorry for the little guy, knowing cats do not like to go away from their home. Arriving Atlanta airport, my son picked me up and told me that he quit his job in Atlanta and was on his way back to Birmingham, Alabama. So we had to spend the night in a motel in Atlanta. They did not mind my cat, being he was in the big carrying cage and we had his litter box. He behaved very well that night. Everything worked out fine. Even during the drive by car back from Atlanta to Birmingham. At my son’s apartment in Birmingham there was a balcony to sit outside. We had bought some chicken wire to string around the top of the surround walls, so the cat could not get out. Other cats in the neighborhood came visiting of course, to check out who had moved in. But all went well, although arriving back in Calgary Niki was slightly disoriented and not too happy. image0041

I like to share a little story I recently read in a magazine, by William Thomas* titled People Prefer Pets to Other People? No!.

A man wrote a letter to a small American motel he planned to stay at for a night: “I have stayed at your lovely motel many times in the past but now I have a dog. I was wondering if he too could stay at your motel. My dog is clean, well-groomed and well-behaved. I like to ask if you let him stay in our room as well.”

The motel owner’s reply: “I have been operating this motel for over 30 years. In all that time I have never had a dog steal towels, linens, silverware or paintings off the walls. I have never had to call the cops for removing dogs off my premises for drunken or disorderly behaviour. I have never had a dog take off without paying the bill. So, yes, indeed your dog is more than welcome to stay at my motel.” [story slightly abbreviated]

* [William Thomas is an author of nine books.]