Second instalment to my first blog on WOMEN TRAVELLING SOLO.

Food for Thought: In the 19th and into the 20th century, a woman traveling alone would be considered having questionable morals. Today – the opposite, a single woman traveling with men may be looked upon as having questionable morals, unless they are family or friends.


Tips on how to handle situations in which country, and which countries are safe, which ones to be more careful in:

Central Europe – no problem, all Western continental countries including the U.K. pretty safe. Always useful to speak several languages, to get services at more decent prices. Taxis maybe a different thing. Since I mostly use the train to get me through most countries comfortably, there is no need to worry about being ripped off. Often, the big national train services have temporary specials on to buy low-price tickets. Most trains in most of those countries are also fitted now to handle physically handicapped persons. Overnight trains – traveling alone – I would be more careful.

Once you leave the main European continent, to travel to Africa, North Africa, just be more alert. The Maghreb countries – I did not find difficult at all. Taxi drivers tend to want to drive you around, even if you specify a fixed location. If you speak French (or Arabic) tell them you are already a guest in their country for weeks, no need to see this and that, “just get me to my destination”. Often cab fares are negotiable, as well.

My life was at stake only couple of times, when I was young, hitch hiking – even in my own country then.

In all those many years living, working and travelling in all sorts of countries, I only really were attacked once physically – in Rotterdam NL. But that was late in the evening. My own fault. [NOTE. I can only comment here on North America, Central America, Europe, Eastern (Soviet) Block countries (then), St. Petersbourg (recently), Scandinavia.] All went well.

In general I must say, that I am safer now when traveling alone, compared to when I was young.

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