Continuation of Part One {Alberta-Montreal}. Québec, still the largest province within Canada, and also the name of its Capital, La Ville de Québec/Quebec City. Situated high up on Cap Diamant, and looking down on the mighty St. Laurent River. Quebec, the cradle of French civilization in North America, distinct from the rest of Canada’s subdivision areas in terms of language and culture – French.
Why I love its capital city La Ville de Québec is, because of its special charm and uniqueness. Founded over 400 years ago in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain [ ], the city today has still retained its many stone walls and structures. Built high up (I believe 200 steps to climb up to La Haute Ville – the upper city), winters can tend to present a challenge. Therefore, houses have largely steeply slanted metal roofs, so that the ice and snow can slide off easily. When visiting the city in 2002 (previous visits during 1986), I slept overnight in my mini van somewhere at a quiet outside area. No problem.
When I visited again in 2008 for the 400 year celebrations of that city, I also took the time to check out some real estate. Amazingly, some of the old stone churches (Quebec is largely catholic) had been converted to condominiums. I walked up one such with an agent. It is narrow and with a steep staircase to the upper floor bedroom. A challenge as well !
My visit in August 2008 was one month long. I had then rented a suite with kitchen in one of the University of Quebec dorm buildings, E.Fleurie Uni. Quebec. Wonderful experience, all new modern furniture and kitchen, very nice admin staff on site. I paid $200 a week. Nearby the main Library (La Bibliotheque de Quebec rue Saint-Joseph Est, La Roche. Quebec has one of the largest networks of higher education institutes and universities in Canada. Also nearby a Dollar store. Very handy. Daily trips to Upper City (Haute Ville), climbing either steep streets or stairs built into the rock structures, returning to Lower City (Basse Ville). The city’s historical old walled-in section is in contrast to the other large modern buildings that make up this historical Capital. La Ville de Quebec has also one of the most beautiful and unique train stations.
In 2008 during the 400-celebrations of the city, daily activities (extending throughout the entire year 2008) fantastic sights , celebrations and presentations with folks from all over the world performing and visiting. Special events included the Grand Military Tattoo with many visiting international bands, and for the first time out of their country The Russian Army Choir and Parade Band. Because of their beautiful music everybody followed the Russians (like “Der Rattenfänger von Hameln”) back to their buses.
Couple of slide shows from this extended visit to Quebec in 2008 – incl. side trips to the Chutes de Montmorency (water falls) and north to Tadoussac, whale watching. [ ]