CYCLING – now and then. I cycle whenever the weather permits. I also love my bicycles. Now in Canada distances are extreme. Thinking back to my youth when we made one week cycling tours with a school class, we may have only covered up to 30 km in one week. Today, 30 km is a trip of 2 hours, taking my time.  Just the other week I got myself a new bicycle, with larger wheels and smaller tires and lighter than my mountain bike. Here in Canada – even in the city – roads go up and down, sometimes quite steep. Lots of leg strength needed. Since I do not got off-road anymore, I preferred a lighter, faster and still comfortable bike. Testing the other day on  the trail, I love it. Around Vancouver Island we have many good and long bike trails outside the city, some going through stretches of wilderness. Lately a couple of cougars had been roaming around the outlying areas where cycle trails are, one of the big cats unfortunately got shot (to protect cyclists).  That is why I now mostly go up north of the city towards the end of this peninsula. Not so lonely. Of course you always must watch out. Inside the city, also unfortunately some nasty people who dislike cyclists had strung wires across some city streets, that tripped cyclists.  With cycling, it is always WATCH THE ROAD and around you (s.a. my previous post [ ] ).  Here is a nice little tidbit from the past: During WW2 bicycles were at a premium, because the military machine had confiscated all cars from their owners. Thus, the bicycle was often the only means for civilians to get to a bunker during the heavy bombings by the allies. Bicycle theft was also severely punished, often with the death penalty. Good stuff !  [A couple of cycling photos included.] image0096 image0101tofino_2011 007