My recent visit to this year’s Greek Fest 2014 Victoria BC, Vancouver Island. There is an estimated 100 Greek families in Greater Victoria who keep the Greek culture and traditions alive. Of which, best of course, are their traditional dances and the wonderful food – authentic succulent roasted lamb (with rice and salad), souvlakis and the great many delicious Greek pastries like Baklava, Koulouria and more. Not to forget the original Greek Coffee brewed to old tradition like Turkish Coffee, using the brass briki (the pot) Greek coffee is a strong brew, served with foam on top and the grounds in the bottom of the cup. Although it can be made in a different pot, the traditional small pot is best because it allows the proper amount of foam , very tasty.

The day was hot and special attractions included the many Greek dance groups from Canada and Athens, Greece. I love the Greek music. Of interest were also all the old and original artifacts still in the possession of the Greek families, exhibited in the adjacent Heritage Centre.

Very enjoyable weekend and lots of sunshine. [I didn’t stay to the end because I was there by bicycle, around 12km ride one way and then back again to Victoria City.] My video clips show various popular and also widely travelled dance groups, including the ELKELAM Dance Group from Athens Greece, the Dionysos Greek Dancers from Edmonton and from Calgary, both Alberta, Canada, and Diaspora Greek Dancers from Vancouver.