Calgary Stampede – “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”.

Turning the time back to the 1960s – long time ago, when I was still in Europe. Over there we did not know much about Canada, only all there is to know about the USA. Remnants of Word War 2.

However, when I was still a teenager I was heavy into horses (riding) and crazy about cowboys and the entire rodeo culture. Though I did not know a thing about Canada then, already I knew about the Calgary Stampede. The only thing I know about Canada.

Ending up here (44 years ago) I would never have dreamed about. Ending up in and near Calgary and working in Alberta for almost 30 years, and living and breathing the rodeo, horses and cowboy culture (having had many horses myself, trained, shown), is a good memory of times past.

Of course, this year, that (damned) year of 2020 and that virus pandemic, for the first time ever in over 100 years, the Calgary Stampede did not happen. Made me cry.

Today is the last day : – the Finals Sunday. I watch every day, Calgary Stampede 2019.