Why is it that in that community west of Victoria BC so many attacks are happening on cyclists enjoying a ride on the ‘Galloping Goose’ (name of our Western cycling trails) and also on folks just enjoying a peaceful walk on the same trails ?
Just yesterday I was on my bicycle in that same area around the time in the morning – it was after 10 AM – where close by another female cyclist was attacked on her mountain bike,  pushed off and the bicycle was stolen. [ http://www.cheknews.ca/langford-cyclist-attacked/ ].
Since this where the actual cycling trails are nearby is a distance from my home – downtown Victoria – I had taken the BC Transit bus out to the western communities (loading my mountain bike on the bus), then got off at Colwood, near Langford, and starting from there on my bike.
Not long ago there were some more attacks reported – cougars spotted around Langford and the ‘Galloping Goose’ (one of the big cats roaming there was eventually shot), [ http://www.timescolonist.com/news/two-cougars-spotted-in-saanich-1.6161 ] , and another female walking on that trail had also been attacked [ http://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/woman-sexually-assaulted-on-galloping-goose-trail-in-langford-1.1159284 ].
I cycle a lot, alone, and consider myself lucky to be still alive (with all that heavy traffic especially outside the city core areas, and the lonely Galloping Goose cycling trails going thru some pretty wilderness areas). So, what is the matter with that Langford ? When I cycle on the other trails going north of Victoria up to Sidney, always safe.