WeCanDoIt 001

I always loved this image. Reminding me so much of the end of WWII, when there were only women (and some old men) who had to rebuilt the country out of all that rubble. The first time I saw this particular picture had been in Europe. Lucky, the other day I could acquire the last of these (tin, a bit bent) at our store here on Vancouver Island.
In Germany after the end of war in 1945 there were lots of these women, with their head scarfs – not as sharp looking as this beautiful model. Nonetheless, they could do it. Yes, Sirree. Working with shovel and pick axe on the endless mounds of rubble of what had former been century old houses.
Not only in that most seriously destroyed country, but definitely the same happened with all those hard working women in Russia, where many more men had been killed during that war [ see also one of my previous posts WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION = http://renataveritasopinion.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/women-in-construction/ ].  My head off to all those who knew how to work  hard, rebuilding their countries ! [I was just seven years old, maybe a bit too young to pitch in.]