The Maghreb countries Tunisia and Morocco are very special to me. I had visited Tunisia in the early 1970s. Then again in 2012. Not much had changed. The history of Tunisia is interesting. Of which the more modern events have shaped a country looking forward rather than being too conservative. [ ]. Therefore, it may have been OK to walk in light clothing as a tourist then, but would not be advisable today. Algiers, I have never visited. But following my last visit to Tunisia in 2012 I also spend one month in Morocco afterwards. And what a difference it was. In terms of customs. Morocco is more conservative. Many more women even in larger cities are covered up. Very friendly people. When they are respected.  [ ]
I like to advise travellers to those countries to respect the culture. As a woman particularly, do not wear clothing that exposes your legs – like shorts – or your entire arms. Your visit will be that much more enjoyed, and you will make friends. Not being loud and boisterous, but being respectful of local customs. As a woman travelling alone, stay with women, they are very delightful and friendly, even if their faces are covered up. It helps, if you speak French – second language after Arab. That’s how I made my friends. And that is how one gets around spending less for cab services and get where you want to get. Be prepared – not the whole world speaks English.

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