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Visiting the Maghreb

The Maghreb countries Tunisia and Morocco are very special to me. I had visited Tunisia in the early 1970s. Then again in 2012. Not much had changed. The history of Tunisia is interesting. Of which the more modern events have shaped a country looking forward rather than being too conservative. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_modern_Tunisia ]. Therefore, it may have been OK to walk in light clothing as a tourist then, but would not be advisable today. Algiers, I have never visited. But following my last visit to Tunisia in 2012 I also spend one month in Morocco afterwards. And what a difference it was. In terms of customs. Morocco is more conservative. Many more women even in larger cities are covered up. Very friendly people. When they are respected.  [ http://www.moroccan-moments.com/culture/ ]
I like to advise travellers to those countries to respect the culture. As a woman particularly, do not wear clothing that exposes your legs – like shorts – or your entire arms. Your visit will be that much more enjoyed, and you will make friends. Not being loud and boisterous, but being respectful of local customs. As a woman travelling alone, stay with women, they are very delightful and friendly, even if their faces are covered up. It helps, if you speak French – second language after Arab. That’s how I made my friends. And that is how one gets around spending less for cab services and get where you want to get. Be prepared – not the whole world speaks English.

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Travel – value for money

Before planning a voyage, what is most important ? not only deciding on the destination, but planning the entire package and logistics. The question mostly asked by most is: “do I get value for my money ?” Because, let’s face it, most of us are restricted by a budget.
In my many years of traveling, I mostly traveled alone, except for that particular year 2012, when I decided to purchase a complete trip package directly from the (overseas) agent.
Examples of value for money:
One entire month in a resort by the Gulf of Hammamet, Tunisia, all inclusive, a bright big room with terrace on the second floor facing the ocean, two large swimming pools, daily and nightly entertainment, all day food and drink (bottled water, wine, champaigne) – all included. Also included return flight from and to Frankfurt/DEU and a full-coverage travel insurance with emergency health. All of this for 1.046EUR ($1,500). I only had to add return flight from/to Canada
There is a deal.
Another deal: Cruise from Vancouver to San Francisco, cabin with balcony (double occupancy), return flight for two San Francisco to Victoria, pickup at home, and nice hotel room on the Wharf, San Francisco. Per person CAD$900. We only needed to buy the food for the three days in San Francisco.
Another one: Eight days St. Petersburg, return flight Berlin, Hotel Moscwa, food, dinners, lunches, daily guided tours, admission to Eremitage [ http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eremitage_%28Sankt_Petersburg%%5D and many palaces. Around 1.000EUR. (Russian Visa around 50).
I do not understand why travel medical and emergency insurance costs three or four times as much when bought in North America instead of in the destination country.     



1973 juillet/July, mon voyage à Tunisie – cinq semaines dans le Club Mediterranée. Korba. My 5 weeks vacation in Tunisia. Where I met Hedi Ben Sassi, l’Arabe. C’était la plus grand amour de ma vie. While in Korba Club Med, I metan Arab and fell in love, and he with me. Comme j’avais habitee en Hollande, Hedi m’a suivi, et fait le long voyage de Tunis via Tanger, Europe aux Pais Bas. J’avais quitté les Pays Bas en 1974 et suis allée au Genève, La Suisse. Mes derniers lettres de Hedi etaient en 1975, comme j’ étais déjà dans les Etats Unis. These are images of THEN 1973: –

Many, many years later – in fact it has been March 2012 – I went back to Tunisia. For one month. Went to Tunis by bus, trying to look for the last address of Hedi. Malheureusement, c’etait seulement l’annee 2012 que je suis rentree en Tunisie, mais je ne l’ai pas re-trouvé. Triste histoire d’amour.

These are images of NOW 2012: –

2012, one month Les Orangers Beach Resort, Golfe of Hammamet, situated along the strip by the ocean between Hammamet North and Yasmin South.

Hammamet (Arabic: الحمامات‎ El-Ḥammāmāt) is a town in Tunisia. Due to its beaches it is a popular destination for swimming and water sports. It was the first tourist destination in Tunisia. It is located in the south east of the northern peninsula of Cap Bon in the Governorate of Nabeul, on the northern edge of the Gulf of Hammamet. {Wikipedia]. Les Orangers has at least four restaurants, bar, cafe to choose from. Two large swimming pools, one indoor heated. Including return flight from/to Frankfurt DEU, and emergency medical insurance, total I paid for one month for a double room/single occupancy (no extra), sea view and all inclusive food, drinks, bottled water, wine, cocktails, champagne, and entertainment was €1.046 (about $1,300). The month of March weather had been quite cool.

This next slide show shows images of the Resort: –