Seems like a long time ago. Cannes, the Côte d'Azur, the Mediterranian Sea, next door to Nice, then a bit further up the coast is Italy, just a 'stone's throw away'. In the winter of 2015 I traveled to the South of France, to spend three months in a wonderful (AirBnB) rental studio in Cannes, Rue des Fauvettes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, situated just a step away from the old town down the hill towards the Mediterranean Sea.
As all cities along this stretch of coast are steep downhill because of the mountain range along the entire coast line
[ ], in the morning to go for groceries I had to walk down a steep incline. Mostly there were steps to get down into the inner market streets where all the nice little stores, open air food markets and Algerian souks were. Including outside cafes - a cup of espresso was €1 only. I had rented for full three months with a very nice French lady, who became my friend. As French speaking traveler, no problem for me. 
My flight from Vancouver Airport to Paris was not less than adventurous. Leaving November 8,2015, arriving France November 9.  Just in time to experience some fallout from the November terrorist attacks on Paris 
[ ]. Turmoil at the biggest airport in France, wait times, special security measures. I had to continue my flight to Nice, Côte d'Azur, as Cannes does not have an airport. [Cannes, famous for its ]. Arriving at my destination in Cannes late evening November 10 by Bus from Nice Airport, without my suit case, lost at the airport in Paris. But arriving en retard 2 days later.
I made many wonderful excursions from Cannes along this coast line to both sides, Marseille, and especially Italy. across the border, buy a big panettoni for Christmas (which, by the way, I took home to Canada in my suitcase). Several excursions also to Monaco, Monte Carlo.
CHRISTMAS bus trip to Italy. Leaving with a group on December 23 for five days to spend Christmas around the many famous holy places so special during the Christmas season.
Its theme was Francesco de Assisi - Saint Francis of Assisi [ ]. The Bus left very early from Cannes, then via Nice Airport and from there towards Umbria, Italy. Umbria, a region in central Italy whose capital is Perugia. 
Driving through this area of Italy which is so well known, past Tuscany and flat or hilly landscapes, in winter is different. No hot sun, but higher elevations so foggy that visibility was mostly limited. We stopped at night at various hotels in medieval towns in Umbria, Arezzo, Perugia, Spoleto, Assisi,visiting many towns and medieval places of worship, cathedrals and churches, including the birthplace of Saint Francis de Assisi. Lots of tourists during the Christmas season.  [ ],
[ ].
Being among strangers and not with my family, who reside in The Netherlands (far away) - for me, this had been just another historically different, but very interesting excursion. The 24th of December, Christmas Eve, we stopped and stayed at a hotel in Arezzo, before continuing on to Perugia on the 25th. There was so much to take in, each day on this short trip from morning till late afternoon visiting churches and cathedrals. Returning Cannes late on the 27th. [Frankly, this must have been the last Bus tour I have taken with a group of unknown people.].
Leaving next day 28th for Eindhoven, Netherlands, to visit my family for New Years. Back to Cannes the 2nd of January 2016, a new year, new adventures.