image0013small Can they make you rich ? That’s a good one. The other day a friend asked me if it is beneficial or economically viable to have horses, not that I know what they intended to do with them. Unless you are a super rich Saudi Prince who can afford to buy expensive horses for racing or breeding, horses do not make you rich.
On the contrary. They cost a lot of money to keep: feed, stabling, exercise, and most of all veterinary care. A horse that is frightened can easily do himself in right there and then and in no time thousands of dollars are lost.
The horses I owned and worked with were all expensive registered horses. I started in Europe, The Netherlands, with sport horses. Then for many years in Alberta, Canada, I had registered Quarter Horses, one registered Paint filly and a set of pure bred Peruvians. My Quarter Horses, that I either raised and then trained, or acquired trained and needing lots of work, I also showed in Western shows in southern Alberta, Claresholm, or elsewhere. They were all cutting and reigning horses, out of Legends. In fact. some of the ancestry went back to stallions that easily got 100 thousand as stud fee. That was then.
The expenses for upkeep made me poor. As a single mother and working several jobs and professions in Alberta. For myself ? spending $25 for food a week, not for my horses, they were well-fed and taken care of. Lost my share in (fence run-in) accidents. Other costs also including expensive equipment, horse trailers, trucks, and miles of fencing I built myself. Sometime in winter, minus 30C or worse. Out in the cold – one winter it was minus 50C – getting up early in the morning, for hay and check the waterers, I wished I was dead.
Not to forget the many accidents and broken bones I acquired as a bonus. Doing a lot of the vet care myself. Have you ever seen a cowboy who is rich ? Must be kidding.
[More about my horses individually some other time.]